Jun. 28th, 2016

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It's been high libido time here for a little while. I had a low-libido period, noticed it, wanted it to end, watched it slowly fade, had the actual wanting instead of wanting to want, and that was fine, but then the husband got turned off for a little while. I waited him out (which is to say, he is squicked by sex during menstruation), and we had sex again, and it was pretty good. He changes up positions nicely, and I think I have encouraged him to be a bit more aggressive than he started out being, which is good for me. He uses his teeth along my belly and sides as well as my breasts, though he doesn't chomp on my neck, just grazes it more lightly. He'll twine his fingers with mine sometimes, so I can press into that.

It wasn't enough for long - for either of us. He likes how I look in my clothes these days, particularly the more clingy/fitted items. He'll caress my butt or grab me and pull me close and nuzzle, or smack the butt, or a few similar things, but most often when I'm in the middle of doing something else, like making dinner. Being groped while goal-oriented does not often result positively for my mood: yes, good, thanks for being turned on, but I'm trying to do something here that is for other people, so move along. Thanks, though. Anyway, there was some serious groping as soon as I came in the door Friday afternoon, that I reciprocated because I want to have sex with my husband because he is my only sex partner and I want to have sex, with him, because I love him and sex is good and if I ever want another child I better be having sex with him. By the time the baby (toddler, really) was in bed, we settled in to watch some TV, and then I was falling asleep on the couch and he said we should go to bed early. I rallied for another episode of something, and then we went to bed. First we got comfy each on our side, then I pet him a little, then he had me move in next to his side, then he slowly started to turn my head to kiss me, and I said "honey, i was falling asleep on the couch, and I prefer not to have sex while going in and out of consciousness. I've done it before and it's not what I want right now." He desisted but was obviously out of sorts about it, so I said "how about we make a date for tomorrow during naptime? Done, we have a date, but now I must sleep."

Come Saturday afternoon, toddler is napping, and we are once again on separate couches. He's on his phone playing Candy Crush, so I sit next to him (gasp!) and read my book, waiting for him to be done. I put my book down while he talks to me, he finished and puts his phone down, and we kiss, and I say "let's go to the bedroom." He says "What's wrong with right here?" and I replied "I want to be able to have more freedom of motion - let's go to the bed." He laughingly agreed, and the key to this date being successful for me was that I talked. I cajoled, and teased a little, and gave a sarcastic comment or two, before things got too hot and heavy. He held me down by my bicpes, and when I reached up to kiss him he held me down a bit more and barely came close enough to kiss. He went down on me, until my hands beat the sheets and I had to pull him up to give him the damn condom already...


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