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First off, I don't personally use fantastical fantasies while masturbating; I either relive good past events with past or present lovers, or go maybe just a hair past realistic with a current or past lover (or other desired partner not yet acted upon but still within the realm of realistic - no MacGyver sex).

I was masturbating and flashing through past lovers, looking for the right one for my mood, and realized I'd had a dream last night about Fire, a bit older, maybe what he could look like now, and we chanced to meet at a restaurant or something. In the dream, he was passing through - had a rucksack on his shoulder, looking to the distance, stopping by my table. Anyway, masturbating, him as partner, remembering/imagining his style, his body, his facial expressions, and I used a phrase I don't think I've ever used before out loud: 'dick me hard'. Dick me? That's not "fuck me" or "screw me" or "do it", that's all about the dick, not cock, not penis. Every penis is different and maybe, for some reason, his was/is more of a "dick" to me than anything else. I really don't know. It was a quickie solo session, very little afterglow, and I found myself wondering about the words. That's kind of interesting, I thought; maybe others have interesting thoughts as well.

Being distracted from my own masturbation is... unsettling, I think.
Has anyone ever had a similar experience, where their mind took off totally without them, enough so that it was food for thought later?
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