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Okay, maybe my mind's more like a ferret on Mtn. Dew, or simple syrup, but it takes a lot to devolve to one train of thought with only minor tangents.

Recent cases in point:

1. Having fantastic sex, truly, really good, sweaty slick can't even get a grip on his back because my fingers are sweating, but suddenly the thought surfaces 'weird teeth issue, don't clench teeth, something might be weird.' I recently went to the dentist to have a tooth bonded (lasts two years, that's serious bondage, yuk yuk yuk) because it chipped, and it's a front tooth ('You've managed to do something really interesting; most people don't chip the back of a front tooth;'), and I must not have told him to smooth it down quite as much as I'm used to because it feels a bit off sometimes when I bite in certain ways. *sigh*

2. Next morning, driving to work, dropping him off at the train, the mental radio station kicks in with Meatloaf, Billy, other up-beat up-tempo songs for the morning. Also thinking about traffic (moving but annoying as usual), work, breakfast, how's my brother, haven't heard from him a few days... Meanwhile, I'm trying not to project any of this mental activity because my passenger is quiet, possibly thinking his own random thoughts, not in a high-mental-activity state. I wouldn't say he's not a morning person, but... I don't think he is. He'd much prefer quiet time in the morning. I can respect that, I can encourage that, I just can't maintain that internally.

I highly value those situations in which most of my mental clutter clears up. I don't expect total brain shut-down often, but it's pretty fantastic when I can get it. I'll be a bit better once my dental issues clear up.


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